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Laura Perry: MobileMonitor is must-need app for each parent!

My kid is texting all the time and we notice how his mood is changed every time when he receives a message. As every parent, me and my husband, we really wanted to know what's going on with him? So we researched about text message monitoring apps and decided to install MobileMonitor application on his iPhone. The most precious advantages of this application are the way of working - totally incognito and undetectable and the ability to capture and show all exchanged text messages - even those which are erased and exchanged via Instant Messengers such as Skype and Viber. MobileMonitor has everything we need and thanks to it we found out the problem and deal with it.

Taylor Fisher: MobileMonitor helps me to protect my beloved ones!

My father suffers from dementia and he easily gets lost. Since the MobileMonitor application is installed on his phone, I am not worried about my father anymore. With this application I can see his location on a map at any time of the day. I can also define certain boundaries on the map and get instant notifications when he leaves home for instance. Finally, I got a peace of mind without having to phone him hundreds of times a day.

Jenny Nicholson: It’s great that my teenage boy and I are friends!

My son is thirteen. You know how teenagers are – rebellious, interested a bit too much in parties, social media sites and not in studies. I wanted to make sure that my son still gets good grades and doesn’t hang out with friends all the time.
So, I decided to secretly play the detective and installed MobileMonitor on his smartphone. I thus kept track of his calls and texts with exact date and time. I was right – he was spending too much time socializing. My husband and I set down and talked to him calmly. We friendly gave him tips how to manage his time better so he can prepare his lessons and meet his friends. I can say that now our kid is doing much better!

Simon Wood: I can control my employees’ company phone usage on business trips!

My employees started getting high phone bills. I was really worried. I wondered how they spent their time on their company phones. To find out I surprised them with a nice gift – smartphones. They could not even suspect MobileMonitor had been installed on their gadgets.
I discovered in real time that on business trips they talk for the most part to their partners, kids and friends and visit social media sites. I summoned the suspects and punished them with a solid fee I took from their salary. I warned them next time they abuse company privileges, they would better register with the employment services and get unemployment benefits instead.

Henry Owen: Finally I got peace of mind!

I have 2 children. To be able to contact them at any time and to be sure they are in safe with my husband I decided to buy them smart phones. After a while I spot that my son started using the phone all the time - talking at night and texting to his friends every minute. I start thinking that may be he was hiding something from me, you could call it a woman vanity... I installed MobileMonitor on my son’s phone which helped me to get the truth. Now I am sure that he isn’t hiding things from me but he could have done it actually...

Bauer Schmidt: MobileMonitor - all you need in one application!

My iPhone 3GS was stolen last month. It was a real disaster for me but this is not the worst point of the story. Losing my phone meant I was left without all my data and information stored on the phone - all contact information, messages, notes, images. Now with MobileMonitor installed on my new iPhone 4S I know that all my phone data is back up and I can access it from everywhere. Also MobileMonitor can pinpoint the stolen phone's location on a map and easily find where it is at the moment. So it keeps my data safe.

Brian Jason:

I’ve lost my previous phone. Unfortunately, I’ve also lost all my contacts, notes, images, videos and all stuff saved on it. Losing my phone was a disaster for me and I’ve never found it. Now with MobileMonitor running on my new iPhone, I will be able to find it if I lose it. Besides, this application backs up all my phone data and makes it accessable on my MobileMonitor private area from any web browser.

Karen Taylor:

I am running a new business related with transporting goods. My employees are using company vehicles to make deliveries every day. I should admit that I have never suspected my team members in abusing with their company privileges such as phones and vehicles. Then I thought how I would be able to find out if they were using my company’s resources for personal reasons. I decided to install MobileMonitor staff tracking application on their phones. MobileMonitor helps me to make sure in the loyalty of my employees. Well, not all of them.

Adams Robinson:

MobileMonitor is a multipurpose application for smartphones. I bought it to monitor my children. Like every parent I was concerned about my kids. With MobileMonitor installed on their smartphones I could see all images and videos that they have downloaded from the Internet. I could track their location and knew where they were. It allows parents to keep an eye on their kids from a distance.

Edward Carter:

I am a Sales Manager and I have a team of 20 employees. I was suspecting that one of them was giving out company information. That’s why I installed the application on all smartphones. Soon I found out who that employee was and fired him. MobileMonitor application helps me get the truth.

Allen Thompson:

I have a lot of data and confidential information saved on my smartphone. To keep them safe I decided to purchase MobileMonitor application. The installation is simple and easy. I back up all my data in my web account and I can access it anytime and anywhere. I am not worried about the safety of my information thanks to MobileMonitor application.

Amanda Johnson:

I was always looking for that kind of application which allows me to monitor all activities on my daughter’s smartphone. After I installed MobileMonitor application, I could track exactly where she was, with whom she was in contact and on what matters. I could read all sent and received text messages, found out with whom she was texting. I learned everything because MobileMonitor has all required features for smartphone monitoring.

Davis Mitchell:

I suspected my little brother of ditching school. When I heard about the MobileMonitor application I decided to purchase it. I installed it on my brother’s smartphone when he was asleep. It was so easy and quick. The next day when he left for school, I logged into my account and started monitoring him. Instead of going to school, he went to the Internet Cafe. Thanks to MobileMonitor I learned the truth and had a serious talk with my brother. This way he changed his behaviour.