Privacy and Data Protection Policy


General Privacy Policies

We respect your concern about your privacy and data protection and hence we have issued this information disclosure statement. We collect and use personal information for many purposes, including but not limited to: billing; product and service development; for better understanding our customers' needs; for providing a better website, products and services; to communicate with current and potential customers regarding our products and services as well as third party products and services. Generally, your private information will only be disclosed to our owners, employees, independent contractors, subsidiaries, partners, affiliates, attorneys, consultants, business associates, service providers, suppliers and agents, acting on our behalf or request. This general rule, and disclosures in specific situations, are described below in more details. You must be 18 or older to access this website. This website is not intended for underage persons, nor do we knowingly collect any personal information about children under the age of thirteen.

Information Collected by our ISP

The hosting provider for this Internet site (as with any Internet site) is able to record various information, including domain name, accessed pages, date and time of access, web browser type and computer operating system. The ISP is also entitled to refer and disclose this information. This is most commonly done by providing access to raw server logs. For more information you should perform an Internet search on 'server logs' or 'raw server logs.' We may have access to our raw server logs and access reports prepared by our hosting provider.

Financial Information for Billing Purposes

We sell products and services. When sales are made, financial information must be disclosed. This information can include any number of facts you are asked to provide, but most commonly includes your name, financial / credit card information, billing address, and email address. Generally, this purchase information will be provided by you to a third party payment processor and we will not receive your financial / credit card information. In the event of receiving your financial / credit card information, we will not disclose it to anyone, unless disclosure is required by law or a court order, or unless disclosure is required to address an issue implicated by the financial transaction. If you claim that your financial information was used to make a purchase you did not authorize, details about the financial transaction may be disclosed to law enforcement and anyone else we deem necessary to address the matter.

Use of eMail Addresses and other Contact Information

An important part of our services includes being able to provide information to you. Therefore, you should explicitly agree to receive correspondence from us via email, fax, telephone, mail, or any other means of communication. As a customer you agree to receive information about the product or service you purchased. This may include, but is not limited to, information about product or service updates, new features, or information we believe you may find interesting. We may also send you information about other products and services our company offers. We will not sell, provide, or pass your email address to others. We may allow advertising to our customers, or engage in joint ventures, resulting in you receiving advertisements from selected third parties.

Identification of Customers

If you purchase one of our products or services, you authorize us to use your name and identification information in ads or offers. We may also use personal information in an aggregate form (i.e., not individually attributable to you) for business analysis, operational, marketing and other promotional purposes.


Cookies may be used to keep track of referred affiliate commissions and to monitor access to our website. You herewith accept any future use of cookies for testing purposes and the use of cookies for publicly available data to gather statistics for the purpose of determining which search engines, referring sites, key words, etc., bring visitors to our website, which pages visitors are most interested in, what web browsers have used, etc. Various providers may be used for this purpose. The purpose is to obtain information that will help promote the website, make the website more interesting and useful to visitors, and to identify areas where improvement is needed. Additionally, various third party information suppliers and other entities that provide information for this website, or for use by us, may use cookies. Examples include, but are not necessarily limited to billing providers, third party advertisers, and third party resources we promote.

Disclosure by Necessity

Private information may be disclosed if required by a court order, statute, law, or regulation. Information is subject to disclosure to address a claim that you are violating the terms of any agreement pertaining to your use of this website or our products or services, or rights of any third party. Information is also subject to disclosure if we believe that disclosure is necessary to identify, contact or bring an action against someone who may be causing harm to or interfering (either intentionally or unintentionally) with our rights or property, your rights or property, other users of our website, products or services, or anyone else. As we continue to develop our business, we or our affiliates may sell or buy other businesses or entities, or we may merge with another company, or be bought by another company. In such transactions, personal information may be one of the transferred assets. Your information may be stored and processed in any country in which we maintain facilities or conduct operations. By using our website, products and services, you accept any similar transfer of information outside your country. After your account becomes inactive some of your information and personal data may remain in our databases, computers, and archives, for historical or statistical purposes.

Data Protection Declaration

When registering for Mobile Monitor Service you provide your explicit consent to Mobile Innovation AD to collect and process the following personal data and information:

1. E-mail and payment information
- e-mail address - while installing MobileMonitor application on the target device, you have to specify an active e-mail address to create user account and we send on it  personal account  information.
- payment information - while subscribing for MobileMonitor Service, you have to provide your payment information so that we can receive your payment.

2. Stored data:
- Information about the count of our users;
- Information about the count of data for each feature;
- Information about the target devices - supported platforms and OS versions;
This information is stored separately from our users’ accounts. It can only be used for statistical purposes.

Data extracted from the devices.
The content of extracted data for each feature is stored separately from the information mentioned above. The content of extracted data can’t be used for statistical or any other purposes without the user’s explicit consent.
Types of stored data extracted from the target devices:
- device text messages;
- detailed device information;
- entire contacts list;
- call history;
- images;
- audio files;
- video files;
- browser history;
- installed programs;
- notes history
- other features’ data.
Rest assured that MobileMonitor respects your privacy and protects your information. All extracted data is sent and stored in encrypted format. Therefore MobileMonitor uses the industry standard security protocols SSL/TSL.
The content of extracted data is encrypted and cannot be seen by Mobile Innovations AD. The only person who can see the extracted data in an unencrypted format is the owner of the account of the service provided by Mobile Innovations AD.

3. Types of information collected and stored in conjunction with access our to website:
Access to the Private Area is only possible using your e-mail address and password. All communication is also encrypted by SSL/TSL protocols.
- e-mail address;
- last logged date and time;
- IP address;
- browser information.

4. Consent:
The data from the target device is extracted, sent to and received by our servers only with explicit consent of the individual, who has installed the application on the device. During the installation of MobileMonitor application and after logging to the Private Area, we are asking the individuals whether they fully agree with MobileMonitor General Terms and Conditions.
Accepting General Terms and Conditions, the person who installs the application is required to inform and receive the consent of the device owner, in cases when it is required for any reasons.
We do not collect any information about the individuals who have installed the application apart from their e-mail address which is necessary to note the payment and access the Private Area.

5. Disclosure of data:
We do not allow access to the extracted device data except when it is required by authorized individuals, applicable laws or your explicit consent.
Information that can be used for statistical purposes is separated from the information about a particular user account and it can be presented in different forms.
We choose carefully the partners who we are working with - contractors, service providers and other partners including payment collection providers.

6. Newsletter:
MobileMonitor Newsletter is free. Subscribing to MobileMonitor Newsletter, you will receive notifications about new features, supported devices and mobile platforms and other news regarding MobileMonitor application.
The receiving of notifications is possible only if you have entered an e-mail address in our Newsletter form. You can unsubscribe from MobileMonitor Newsletter by sending email to unsubscribe@mobilemonitor.com

7. Notification emails:
Notification emails are directly related to the usage of our service. They are sent on a regular basis and only when it is necessary to inform you about new extracted data, new added devices, payments and other reasons.
If you do not want to receive any notification emails, please send an empty email to : stop.notifications@mobilemonitor.com

8. Deletion of data/application:
Stored data can only be deleted from the “Settings” section of the Private Area. Deleting stored data, you are required to delete the application from the target device.
The sequence of deleting operations is:
1. Uninstalling / deletion of MobileMonitor application from the target device;
2. Deletion of stored data on the Private Area;
3. Deletion of Private Area within a few days after the application and data deletion. Keep in mind that once the data is deleted, it can’t be restored. If you would like to use MobileMonitor again, you could install the application manually and you will start receiving data after the installation.

9. Rights of the natural persons under the Personal Data Protection Act
A) General. You may request information as to the personal data we hold about you. Where appropriate, you may also object to our processing of certain types of information for certain types of purposes or you may require correction and/or deletion of the personal data we hold about you. You can also exercise this right at any time by contacting us. We may require you to prove your identity and supply details in order to identify the data. The right of correction and the right of access may be executed by you personally or by your representative in a written application sent to us. This application may also be sent by you electronically.
You may also opt-out of receiving marketing communications from us by contacting us. Please specify the means of communication from which you would like to opt-out. Otherwise, you may not get the communications you would otherwise expect to receive from us.
B) Right of access to the personal data. You have the right to access the personal data which refers to you and at any time in the course of exercising this right to request the following: (i) confirmation that your personal data is processed, information about the purpose of this processing, about the data processed and the recipients or the categories of recipients to whom the data will be disclosed; (ii) a message to you in comprehensible form, containing your personal data which is processed, as well as any available information about the source from which the administrator received the personal data; (iii) information about the reason (the logic) for each automated processing of your personal data, at least in the cases of automated decision making.
You may exercise your right of access free of charge once every 12 months and this right may be inherited.
Please note that the content of extracted data is encrypted and cannot be seen by Mobile Innovations AD. The only person who can see the extracted data in an unencrypted format is the owner of the account of the service provided by Mobile Innovations AD.
It is your sole responsibility to inform involved third parties about the activities carried out on the target device in compliance with the applicable laws in your country or the country where the monitoring takes place if different from your own country. Mobile Innovations AD has no technical possibility and capacity to do that and can not be held responsible for that.
C) Right of Correction. You may request us at any time to perform the following actions: (i) to delete, correct or block your personal data, processing of which does not meet the requirements of the law; (ii) to notify the third parties to whom your personal data has been disclosed about any deletion, correction or blocking performed in accordance with the above item, except in the cases where this is impossible or is connected with excessive efforts.
D) Direct Marketing. As a person to whom the personal data refers to, you have the following rights under the Bulgarian Law of Personal Data Protection: (i) to object against the processing of your personal data for the purpose of the direct marketing; (ii) our policy is not to disclose any personal data to third parties for direct marketing purposes; however, if we were to make an exception from our policy because of any legal reason you have the right to be notified before your personal data is being disclosed for the first time to third parties or processed on behalf of third parties for the purpose of direct marketing and to be provided with opportunity to object against such disclosure or processing.

Policy Changes

These policies may be amended by us at any time and without notice, yet any changes will be posted on this page. You agree that your continued use of our websites, products or services after that date will constitute your consent and acceptance of the amendment.

Last Updated March 8th, 2012