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Your child is meeting
suspicious people?
2 .
Someone is sending inappropriate pictures to your child?
Your employees are not where they should be during work?
Your smartphone was stolen, lost or broken?

Monitor Incoming and Outgoing Calls


Call History Overview

Children don’t tell their parents everything but unfortunately they sometimes don’t tell things that they should actually share. If, for instance, they are being bullied or harassed through their cell phones, they are likely to keep that quiet. That is something you don’t have to worry about if you install phone tracking software on their devices. Similarly, employers can keep track of the calls made and received by their members of staff.

Through MobileMonitor, you can find out exactly what calls were received and made. Best of all, the cell phone tracking software is completely hidden, meaning that your children or employees will have no idea that you are keeping tabs on them.

Through the cell phone tracking software, you can easily find out who they spoke to and how long for. Find out whether they phone a specific person more regularly than others. You can even check which calls were missed, which ones were unsuccessful and which ones they rejected.

Our application allows you full freedom of movement: check which calls you want, when you want. The private area of your dashboard will give you a full chronological list, which you can then filter as you please. The dashboard can be accessed through any online connection.

Supported platforms for this feature:


Even if the calls are cleared from the Smartphone Call History, you will still have them in your Private Area.

With MobileMonitor cell phone tracking application installed on your target phone, you will be able to see all erased calls after the installation of the cell phone monitor. You cannot see the deleted history before the application has been installed on the cell phone.