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Your child is meeting
suspicious people?
2 .
Someone is sending inappropriate pictures to your child?
Your employees are not where they should be during work?
Your smartphone was stolen, lost or broken?

Monitor All Sent and Received Text Messages


SMS History Overview

Through MobileMonitor, you can track phone usage on any Android, iPhone or tablet. This means you are able to view all the text messages that were sent, as well as those that were received, by the device. When tracking a cell phone, knowing exactly how it is used is very important. Best of all, through MobileMonitor, your tracking will remain completely hidden.

As soon as the phone sends or receives an SMS, it is uploaded to the private area of your dashboard, from where you can track phone usage. Hence, if the person you are tracking has deleted messages from their history, you can still see them. It is easy to sort the messages chronologically or by other parameters.

The benefits of tracking a cell phone in this manner include the fact that you can back up all messages. You can also download them to your own laptop or PC. Being a completely hidden application, the user of the smartphone or tablet will not know that their SMS messages are being monitored. Perfect if you want to keep track of your children (or protect them from bullying and/or grooming) or employees’ activities, in other words.

Supported platforms for this feature:


MobileMonitor cell phone tracking application allows you to monitor all standard text messages sent and received by cell phone operators and via What's app, Viber, iMessages and Skype.

With MobileMonitor cell phone tracker installed on your target phone, you will be able to see all erased text messages after the installation of the application. You cannot see the deleted history before the application has been installed on the phone.