Nothing Will Remain Hidden Anymore.

Your child is meeting
suspicious people?
2 .
Someone is sending inappropriate pictures to your child?
Your employees are not where they should be during work?
Your smartphone was stolen, lost or broken?

Oversee All What's App Correspondence


What'sApp Overview

Now MobileMonitor cell phone tracking application gives you access to all What's App history. You will be able to monitor all sent and received text messages, shared images, video and audio files, exchanged instant locations and even contacts. All What's App Messenger features are fully compatible with the application. Nothing will remain hidden!

What's App is a cross-platform mobile messaging application. It allows the phones' users to exchange unlimited number of text messages, videos, photos, audio files, share contacts and locations for free.

With MobileMonitor cell phone tracking application, you can invisibly oversee all sent and received text messages, images,video and audio files, instant contacts and device locations. To view all of these you have to login in to your MobileMonitor Private Area by entering your e-mail address and personal password. You will find detailed information about what's app history - date/time of correspondence and phone numbers.

Once installed on the target device MobileMonitor cell phone tracker is completely invisible. The application doesn't exist in the list with currently active applications. It doesn't occupy much of the cell phone's memory and doesn't drain the battery any faster.

Supported platforms for this feature:


This feature works on Android devices with What's app versions 2.11.185 or lower than 2.11.185. The feature isn't supported for What's app versions 2.11.186 and above.

To be able to monitor What's app conversations on Android devices, first you need to follow these quick steps:

  1. Open What's app on the Android monitored smartphone.
  2. Go to Settings->Chat Settings-> Tap on Backup Conversations->Waiting for creating a back up on SD card. It will take a few seconds.
  3. Log into your Private area and start What's app monitoring.

* Keep in mind that first What's App data update might be delayed up to 24 hours.