Data security



Encrypted Data Transfer and Storage

MobileMonitor is dedicated to keeping the data transferred to their server completely safe. Our phone tracking service works in such a way that as soon as data is collected, it is immediately encrypted. It is then stored on the server in the encrypted format. The only way you can access the data or use the GPS tracking services is by logging in with your email address and password. The password is generated by the system and should be changed to a password only you can now.

Encryption of the GPS tracking is done through SSL/TLS, which is an industry standard. Hence, there is no way of third parties to view the data at any time. It is not open to either telecoms or ISPs, or other such settings. None of the data is sent in plain text format, meaning it cannot fall into the wrong hands. This is one of the many strengths of our phone tracking service.

Encrypted storage is used in order to keep the information that the smartphone or tablet sends. The data that is extracted through the phone tracking program is fully encrypted. In fact, even the system administrators of MobileMonitor are unable to view the data itself. Hence, the only person who is able to see the GPS tracking information is the person who holds the login and password details and who accesses the GPS tracking data through the online interface. What the administrators can view, however, is amount of data that has been collected through the phone tracking program, at what time it was collected and when the last update was installed.

No unsolicited email will be sent to your email address when you sign up to our phone tracking service, nor do we sell your email address to third parties. This is because at MobileMonitor, we value your privacy and will do all we can to protect the information you provide. All the extracted GPS tracking information is stored in an encrypted way. This is how we are certified to SSL/TSL standards.

Co-location and Servers Security

We use a secured co-location facility to store our GPS tracking servers because we care about keeping your data safe and secure. None of your information will be shared with others, unless required by law or because you consented to this. We do use statistical data, but this is kept full anonymous. We also vet all our partners to ensure they meet the same standards.

Personal Data Operator

We are a registered Personal Data Operator, meaning we are authorized to keep phone tracking data on our servers. Naturally, we cover all necessary requirements as set by the government and the Data Protection Declaration. When you sign up for our phone tracking service, you know that your data will be fully safe and that nobody will be able to access your GPS tracking data at any time, unless you have given express permission to this yourself, by providing your login details to a third party.

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