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MobileMonitor is a fantastic application that allows you to monitor, track and backup Android and iOS devices, including tablets. You can use this to keep tabs on your employees or your children, protect your phone data or even recover a lost or stolen device. MobileMonitor is incredibly popular and by becoming an affiliate, you will be able to earn a significant additional income. Not only do people want track cell phone services, making the program very interesting, but it is also offered at the best price online. Join us and get high commissions.

Register as an Affiliate and Start Earning Today!

It is incredibly easy to become an affiliate. All you need to sign up for a track cell phone affiliate account is an email address and a password. You can earn as much as 60% commission on each sale that is generated through your promotions. Here are a few details to help you promote the track cell phone program:

The Direct Sales program entitles you to 50% commission on any sale that goes through your affiliate link.

The Site Owners program gives you 10% commission if the sale is generated through your website.

The Referral Program means that any payments that are made by users that are registered under your name give you 20% lifetime commission.

Anybody can take part in our track cell phone affiliate program. You may be a site owner, an online marketing specialist or a simple internet user. Promote MobileMonitor through banners, links, articles, landing pages, blogs, forums, social media and so on.

Easy and Timely Track Cell Phone Commissions

Payments are sent to our affiliates twice a month.. All payments are processed through PayPal and take place on the 5th and 20th of every month. On the 20th, you will receive payments of your commissions on sales between the 1st and 15th of the previous month. Sales generated between the 16th and the end of the month are paid on the 5th.

You do have to at least accumulate a $10 payment before payment is released. Through your affiliate dashboard, you can keep track of sales that have been generated and how much payment you will receive.

Start Earning Money From Your Own Website(s)

If you already have website traffic, why not earn something through that by advertising that people can track cell phone usage through MobileMonitor? It is entirely up to you how you manage advertising, for instance by using links, banners, articles or landing pages. When you sign up, your affiliate account will provide you with all the links you need in order to send traffic to one of the pages of MobileMonitor. Use track cell phone as a keyword, for instance, to generate higher search engine rankings for your own page as well.

Make sure you register your domain name within your affiliate dashboard, so that any user that links through your website will result in a commission for you, if they purchase the plan. This option allows you to earn 10% commission on any sale. Best of all, whether the link has come straight from you, or from someone else posting on your page, the commission will be yours so long as the sale comes from your site. Also, we have created special affiliate links for website owners. Essentially, the more sales made through your website, the more you will earn.

Earn Money Selling a Trusted Track Cell Phone Application

The MobileMonitor package really sells itself because it is such a fantastic package. This is why we have made it possible for people who don’t own websites to join the affiliate program as well. You can link to our websites in many different ways. For instance, perhaps you are a regular forum poster, or maybe you own your own blog. Perhaps you use online advertising systems or maybe you comment on sites. Do so by including your affiliate link and you will earn commissions for sales. Through these types of advertising, you can earn as much as commission of 50%, even if a user signs up for a free trial before they commit to buying the package. We make this possible by keeping cookies of each unique visitor, so that we can keep track of them for the 30 days of their free trial. If they then decide to buy, the commission is still yours.

Lifetime Commission and Easy to Use Stats

You can also ask others to sell under you. You then receive 20% lifetime commission on each of the payments made through them. This is a lifetime commission, so the more people who work under you, the more you will earn.

Naturally, in order to keep track of all of the commissions you earn through the track cell phone packages, we have provided you with easy to understand statistics. You can open an account in less than 30 seconds, for free, and keep track completely of any sales made through your account, as well as how much you will get paid.

Live Statistics.

Becoming an affiliate is very easy. It takes less than 30 seconds to create your affiliate account. Just go to http://affiliate.mobilemonitor.com/register.php and sign up with your email address.
There are not charges of membership fees.
As an affiliate of MobileMonitor you have your own account where you can see detailed statistics of your earnings. You can monitor the performance of your account and the money you make in real time.