About us



At Mobile Innovations AD, we are proud to present our very first product – MobileMonitor. This cell phone tracker is a software packages that allows you to keep track of any smartphone (Android or iPhone) or compatible tablet, without the user knowing that they are being monitored. Use the phone locator to determine where the device is, backup any files on the smartphone and check which messages are sent or received. Thanks to MobileMonitor, you retain full knowledge of the way in which the device is used.

Many people use the cell phone trackers to monitor their children, but it is also used in terms of employee supervision. Also, it will keep your data safe and backed up and should a device be lost, it can easily be located. It is packed full of features that are compatible with both iOS and Android operating platforms.

What we want to achieve with our phone locator is to give you the highest level of protection possible. Whether you use this because you suspect people aren’t where they say they are, or because you want to ensure your children are safe, this application does it all. Your personal information will remain safe at all times, as will all the data that is included on the phone or tablet.